Why Buy Electric Scooters from YUME?

Electric Scooters are an eco-friendly and flexible selection for any range of riding conditions, a good way of reducing pollution. They're described as two or even three-wheeled electric-powered vehicles widely used by teenagers, active adults, and children. They are fantastic for fulfilling short-distance transport requirements, such as running errands or getting to work or school. And what we have to mention that they are fun more than you can imagine. The models we provide in our online store are engineered in quality parts.


YUME is the Most Popular Electric Scooters Brand for Sale

YUME is a multinational registered brand and we have been making electric scooters since 2017. With each new model, we introduce better performance and higher quality. YUME made the first generation of high-speed electric scooters in 2018 and has released YM Series, YMD4+, YMD5, Y11 PLUS in the past two years which makes YUME quickly becoming one of the most popular e-scooters brands. You can find reviews, videos, and tech articles, and we are even more excited to debut new models in 2021.


YUME is the Best Choice for Speed & Passion

YUME has a professional and passionate R&D team. The team has experience designing two and three-wheeled scooters and sharing scooters. From the design of the mold, production parts, circuit design, etc. By listening to customer's feedback and creating and improving the scooters everyone likes.


YUME Provides 30 Day Refund & Excellent After-Sale Service

One of YUME's missions is to provide outstanding customer service. We have an equal 30-day refund warranty and provide after-sale customer service for the product. If there is any quality issue, please contact us directly, we will offer professional instructions and solutions timely.


YUME Provides Fast & Free Shipping

YUME provides free 24-hour shipping Monday-Friday on all-electric scooters for sale. YUME provides tracking via email and you can check on your order any time at the bottom of our official website. We have Alibaba international, Amazon, and other online sales channels. We ship all around the world every day strive to provide the best service to our customers.