YUME S10 Review: Top Rated Electric Scooter


YUME S10 Review: Top Rated Electric Scooter

The Yumeway corporation has produced some of the best electric scooters that you will find readily available on the internet. However, there is always a certain segment of buyers that demand cost-efficient products that are affordable.

The Yumeway corporation has understood the need of the hour and developed the YUME S10 Electric Scooter which is cheaper than the models produced by other companies.

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter is an economical electric vehicle that has limited features. The suspension and braking system are not as advanced as other high-end models but the price justifies what the company has offered. The lighting system is complete which is an unusual thing to have since many models lack safety lights.

Other than this, the performance and power stats are reduced by the manufacturer. The total battery capacity and motor strength are compromised to ensure that buyers can afford it.

The design and build; however, are maintained at the same level where other high-end electric scooters come from. All the important features are discussed in this article so you should proceed to learn more about what the YUME S10 Electric Scooter offers.


YUME S10 Review: Top Rated Electric Scooter


The price at which the Yumeway corporation is offering the YUME S10 Electric Scooter is astounding. It is available at 899 dollars on the official online store of the company.

This price is quoted for all those buyers who are willing to purchase an electric scooter but do not have enough funds available to do so.

However, a lower price means that the specs and features are compromised to ensure that the product benefits both the manufacturer and the customer. If you want to purchase a better product then we would suggest you save more.


Design And Build

YUME S10 Electric Scooter is one of the most stylish electric vehicles in this price range. The frame is sleek and eye-catching as it is made of aviation-graded aluminum and ferroalloy. This ensures that the body does not get rusted and the weight is as low as possible.

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter weighs 27.5 kilograms so you can carry it upstairs or to your garage. Moreover, the frame is durable enough to carry a weight of 120 kilograms without denting or impairing the shape.

It has dimensions of 135 cm x 63 cm x 95 to 120 cm. The 95 to 120 cm height depicts the possible variation in height due to the height adjustment feature. The Yumeway corporation is known for developing foldable scooters and it has incorporated the same technology in the YUME S10 Electric Scooter.

You can conveniently and promptly fold or unfold it in just five seconds. The dimensions after folding are 117 cm x 24 cm x 45 cm.

The height gets reduced while the width is also attachable as the handlebar is foldable as well. The exact diameter of the handlebar is 25.4 mm while the length is 620 mm which can be adjusted.

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter also comes with an optional seat attachment that is integrated with springs to make it as comfortable as possible.

The height adjustment and handlebar length are also more comfortable than any other product on the market. There is an obvious mudguard at the rear end while you would find a kickstand at the side to make parking easy.

It also comes with an adequate lighting feature which is rare at this price range. However, the lighting and other features are discussed later under the relevant heading.


The performance features of the YUME S10 Electric Scooter are not the best that you would get on the market. The company has compromised on the motor strength (discussed later) so this has reduced the speed at which you can travel.

The top speed that you can reach is 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour) which is not even at par with other electric scooters. Furthermore, the battery does not have an impressive capacity either. It provides you with a mileage of 30 miles (48 kilometers).

With this limited mileage, you are bound to travel within the city only because longer trips are not rationally preferable. However, the maximum weight limit is 120 kilograms so you can carry a backpack or parcels with you whilst traveling.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that the performance stats are influenced directly by the load that you put on the YUME S10 Electric Scooter. If you go past the prescribed load then the performance stats will drop down immediately.

Power Features

Motor Power

The thing that we disliked the most about the YUME S10 Electric Scooter is the motor that is integrated. The overall strength of the motor is not as efficient as other scooters in the market since the manufacturer has installed a battery of 1000 watts inside the YUME S10 Electric Scooter.

Moreover, the motor is single. This is the biggest disadvantage as the dual motors handle the load and performance-related specs better.

The company has installed a sensor technology but that does not cover up the deficiency since the top speed is restricted to just 48 kilometers per hour. Sole moror along with limited wattage impairs the ability to do work.

Battery Life And Charging Time

The battery installed in the YUME S10 Electric Scooter is insufficient, to say the least. The maximum distance that it can cover in one complete charging cycle is just 30 miles (48 kilometers) only.

The battery is a lithium-ion bar placed below the deck. It has a capacity of 48 volts and an electric current flow of 21-ampere hours.

The Yumeway corporation has equipped the device with certain battery safety features such as short-circuit protection, voltage locking technology, heat resistance, and auto sleep.

The charging time is a highly inefficient feature where the battery gets charged in 7 to 8 hours. It would have been acceptable if the battery life was long but a distance range of 48 kilometers does not justify such a long charging time.

This long charging is understandable as the company has integrated a single charging port where other scooters have dual ports for quicker charging. The charger is not that fast either with just 2 amperes of current flow.

Stability Features


The YUME S10 Electric Scooter has the same pneumatic tires as other high-end devices produced by the company. These tires are tubeless so you can use them for off-road trips as well. This means that purchasing the YUME S10 Electric Scooter will allow you to travel on muddy tracks and bumpy roads.

Furthermore, the tires are ingrained with prominent patterns to provide a better grip on wet and slippery roads. The exact width of the tires is 10 inches so you can maintain your balance easily.

Suspension System

The stability of an electric scooter is directly dependent on the kind of suspension system it is integrated with. A proper suspension system mitigates all sorts of shocks that are sustained on a bumpy track.

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter has a pure spring-based suspension system. It has a couple of spring suspensions fitted at the front and these many spring suspensions are present at the rear end as well.

This suspension system works fine while landing because the shock is dissipated through the coils upon the impact. However, spring suspensions are not as efficient as hydraulic suspensions.

The hydraulic suspension can absorb the shocks sustained during the uplifting process. At this price range, we can happily accept the spring suspensions because other competitors do not have a suspension system at all.

Safety Features

Brake System

The brake system is an important feature as we all know. No matter which vehicle you run (electrical or mechanical), the braking system works as a critical factor to keep you safe.

Most of the electric scooters in the market boast a hydraulic disc brake or certain braking mechanisms that involve electric intervention. However, the YUME S10 Electric Scooter has a mechanical disc brake system which is installed on the front as well as the back tires.

The mechanical brakes are somehow ineffective since they operate on the friction-based halting mechanism. The time that it takes to stop the vehicle is not quite prompt and on-demand so you need to ensure that you are conscious of your brake application.

However, the lower price puts a limit on the company’s research & development team as they need to make sure that the scooter is value-adding and profit-producing at the same time. The 140mm front and rear mechanical disc brakes are acceptable at this price range.


Many affordable and cheap electric scooters usually have insufficient lighting as the companies consider it a secondary feature. However, the Yumeway corporation understands the importance of lighting especially when safety is considered. A proper lighting system enables the rider to see at night.

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter has an LED light installed at the front and right above the wheel. It is noteworthy that LED lights are brighter than normal lights available on the market.

Furthermore, the company has integrated a brake light at the rear end along with the turn signals to make sure that you are safe whilst applying brakes or taking a turn.

Not only that, the company has equipped the YUME S10 Electric Scooter with an LED strip on either of the lateral sides. These strips ensure that the scooter is visible to other drivers on the road. It also adds to the overall look of the electric scooter.

Control And Monitoring Features

LED Screen

The LED screen is an important thing to have at your disposal. It enables you to keep track of your riding stats. You will find the LED screen on the right side of the handlebar.

It shows prominent numbers relating to the ride time, rate of speed, remaining battery life, and the gear. The LED screen is made colorful to make the stats more visible.


The controls incorporated on the handlebar of the YUME S10 Electric Scooter are simple to understand but we would rank it as limited. The left side of the handlebar has a power switch, an indicator button, and a horn.

On the right hand, there is an LED screen that comes with a power button and a speed mode setting. You can set two different speed modes. A manual key ignition is also installed below the LED screen.

However, the thing that you will not see is the eco/turbo and single/double buttons. The absence of these buttons is entirely due to the standalone motor. Dual motors enable the user to manage the power consumption efficiently but that is not the case here.

Water Resistance

The water-resistance of IP54 is sufficient for an electric scooter that is a cheap option for all those users who have a limited budget, However, we would recommend refraining from going out in rainy weather. It is better to seal electric components with insulation or water-resistant tape.

What’s Inside The Package?

As you would have expected, the company offers limited accessories to keep the cost low. The list is as under:

  1. The YUME S10 Electric Scooter
  2. A 2A charger
  3. A user manual
  4. A tool kit as a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Good Electric Scooter?

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter is not one of those products that you would consider perfect. It is an ordinary electric scooter available at an affordable price. Despite having a scarcity of impressive power stats, the manufacturer designed it with clarity regarding the objective that it is trying to achieve.

The spring suspensions and mechanical brakes are acceptable since other substitutes cannot be integrated at such a low price. Moreover, you would feel that the controls are designed intelligently to make them accessible and easy to understand. The stability is maintained through pneumatic tires that complement the spring suspension system.

You might feel that the battery and motor could have been a bit better. However, you should know that power features are usually the most expensive ones to install in a vehicle. The durability and safety are impressive at such an affordable price since we know other companies that forego these important features too.

Who Is It Made For?

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter is a budget-friendly device which is why it has limited features and a defined usage pattern. It can be used while shopping because the maximum weight limit is impressive for an electric scooter at such a low price level. The distance range is sufficient for routine chores since it does not require long traveling.

The same principle applies to trips to school. If your school is nearby or a few miles away then the YUME S10 Electric Scooter is the way to go. However, this vehicle is not a preferable option for delivery or courier service because the mileage and speed do not complement this particular usage. Other than this, a long-distance trip to other cities is not compatible since it demands a lot of power and battery life.

How Fast Does It Go?

The YUME S10 Electric Scooter is not considered among the fastest vehicles. The single motor with just 1000 watts of power is insufficient to enable the YUME S10 Electric Scooter to go at high speeds. The top speed that you can achieve whilst travel on this scooter is just 30 miles per hour which are roughly 48 kilometers per hour.

This means that the S10 Electric Scooter can only be used to travel amidst the city traffic. Going on a highway would feel boring and annoying because you would not be able to even match half of what other vehicles can achieve as an output.

What Makes This Scooter So Unique?

The best thing that you would like about this incredible piece of technology is the budget-friendliness and affordability. It is difficult to find an affordable scooter that has solid features on offer. However, the YUME S10 Electric Scooter ticks all necessary boxes.

The manufacturers have tried their best to keep features simple and value-adding at the same time. The suspension system is spring-based while the brakes are mechanical.

One might argue that these are not the best components installed in a modern electric scooter but you must consider the price at which you are buying this piece of technology.

The lighting system is safe and complete like any other high-end scooter on the market. Furthermore, the Yumeway corporation did not compromise its durability and toughness to reduce costs. No matter how limited the power and performance features might feel, we believe the company has done a great job to keep it simply brilliant.


Final Words

The conclusion is pretty straightforward. The YUME S10 Electric Scooter is made for all those users who are looking for affordable conveyance options.

The company has done well to maintain the proportion of the spec to ensure that the scooter is not redundant for youngsters and the working class, despite having such a low price.

It is argued that the YUME S10 Electric Scooter has below-par power features since the motor wattage and battery capacity are ordinary. It feels like the company had planned to compromise on performance stats. However, this does not mean that it is redundant or useless.

The spring suspensions are sufficient to mitigate the shocks sustained whilst landing on an uneven surface. The mechanical brakes and adequate lighting system also work fine to keep you safe at such a low price range.

We would recommend the YUME S10 Electric Scooter to those youngsters who have a limited budget and need an environment-friendly mode of conveyance.

The Yumeway corporation has targeted a specific market segment with limited performance demand. However, if you have a bigger budget and heavier usage then we would suggest going for other models offered by the same manufacturer.