YUME Predator

YUME next generation flagship electric scooter

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If you're looking for the best suspension bike for racing or commuting, you need to check out the Yume Hawk! This bike is super fast and offers amazing suspension performance, making it perfect for any situation.

EBPMAN Tech Reviews

The YUME Predator emerges as a flagship scooter that has positioned YUME as a contender for the most improved scooter company of the year.it’s the first escooter reviewed with liquid-cooled controllers, highlighting YUME’s commitment to innovation.

Freshly Charged

Yume Hawk Pro— pour moi c'est la trottinette de l'année. Batterie de qualité, suspensions au top, puissante, bien conçue, bien équipée elle est presque parfaite.


This scooter is the best I have ever seen! Its speed is incredible! Its autonomy! long! And the perfect suspension, now I use the scooter to move everywhere!

Carlos Ampuero

The Yume Swift is making waves in the e-scooter world! With a powerful 1200W motor, dual suspension, and impressive build quality, it could be the fastest and spec-rich electric scooter under $1000 .

Noblex Tech

YUME Hawk Pro - A Monster Electric Scooter with Many Extras! All I need to say is that this thing is amazing and you NEED to watch the entire thing!


The YUME Hawk is a powerful electric scooter, intended for city commuting but capable of going just about anywhere thanks to dual motors and full suspension.

Electrified Reviews

I leaned on the scooter and the power of it pulled me I've never felt power like this in a scooter I mean it's just, it's so smooth and the power of this machine that pulls you is so good!


un trottinette éléctrique puissante à un bon rapport qualité prix ! 



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Welcome to YUME

YUME translates to a dream; in fact, YUME is the dream. To us, a scooter is not just simply a means of transportation. Instead, it’s a gift that allows you to live wild and free for a moment while commuting.

Every single component of our scooters is innovated to give you the best possible riding experience. We use first-class accessories and top-tier materials. Why? It’s because we desire for everyone who loves the freedom of electric scooters to get the best scooter at the most cost-effective price.

Get a YUME scooter today and transform your once tiresome commutes into exciting trips!