Budget High Performance YUME X11 Really Shines

As soon as YUME released their X11 electric scooter in gold, I wanted to get my hands on it. The gold makes the scooter pop and the X11 design has always intrigued me.

From the 11-inch knobby tires to the massive LED deck, the X11 is the most refined YUME scooter I’ve reviewed.

In this review, we will let you know what we love and hated about the YUME X11 escooter. Click here 

 Things I love about the YUME X11

  • LED Deck
  • Steering damper
  • Tubeless Pneumatic 11 inch off-road tires
  • 60V 35Ah Panasonic 21700 Cells
  • Dual 2500 Watt Motors
  • Two chargers
  • Somewhat portable
  • Comfortable ride
  • Gold color
  • Budget Friendly

The YUME X7 stands out with a Golden LED Deck

My obsession with LED lights came from when I owned a Nokia phone as a teenager. My phone was walking party with flashing blue LEDS lighting up dark rooms from phone calls and texts.

Most YUME scooters offer LED lights that make me feel right at home. The YUME X11 is no exception. I love the clean look of the LED deck under the gold aluminum panel.

 The YUME X7 has a clear plexiglass deck which will get scratched up and cloudy over time, whereas the aluminum panel keeps the deck looking sleek.

YUME is upgrading and replacing the Steering Damper on the X11 for new and old purchases

Scooters that exceed 35 mph can start to shimmy and shake, creating speed wobbles. I find that speed wobbles are the number one cause for high speed crashes. Once your scooter starts to wobble, it is common for riders to over correct the steering.

Overcorrecting steering causes speed wobbles to become more violent. I love that the YUME X11 comes with a steering damper. Steering dampers can be set to stiff, so overcorrecting is less likely to happen.

The first steering damper we received with the YUME X11 was too small, so it limited the turning radius. YUME sent us a longer steering damper and let us know they would include the longer steering damper with all the new X11 purchases.

YUME said they would replace steering dampers for customers who received the short one. Reach out to them if you have not received your replacement.

What type of tires are on the YUME X11?

The YUME X11 features tubeless pneumatic tires. The tires are 11″ by 4″ wide off-road tires. I would have loved to see hybrid tires, but I love having extra grip on loose gravel and dirt trails. The off-road tires still perform well on smooth pavement, they simply aren’t the best for cornering.

Tubeless pneumatic tires are the safest and easiest to repair. The downside is they are harder to do a tire change.

What size of battery is on the YUME X11 escooter?

The YUME X11 features a 60 volt by 35 amp hour battery. The battery is made up of Panasonic 21700 battery cells. Name brand batteries perform better than Chinese cells and typically have a better capacity.

The battery has a 2100 watt hour capacity at max charge.


 What is the YUME X11 top speed? How fast is the YUME X11?

When I unboxed the YUME X11 and took it for a first ride, I was a little underwhelmed with the power. After I charged it up, I was impressed with how fast the YUME X11 accelerated. The dual 2500 watt motors make the tires squeal when you mash down the throttle.

The scooter starts to throttle itself when it gets below 40% charge, so that explains why the YUME X11 wasn’t as giddy when I took it for my first ride. After a full charge of battery, the scooter rips!

The YUME X11 has a stated top speed of up to 60 mph. I have gotten it up to 50 mph, but I have only been able to test it out in cold conditions. I will update this once I have a chance to ride the YUME X11 in warm weather.

Does the YUME X11 come with one or two chargers?

One thing I love about YUME is that they provide you with two chargers if there are two charge ports. The YUME Y10 and X7 both came with two chargers. Two chargers allow you to charge faster, so you can spend more time riding!

Please follow manufacturer instructions when it comes to charging.

The YUME X11 weighs 110 lbs (48 kg)

110 lbs and portability are normally not in the same sentence when describing an electric scooter. However, the YUME X11 features collapsible handlebars, adjustable stem, and locks into itself when folded. I find the YUME X11 is the most portable 11-inch scooter I have reviewed.

You’ll want to avoid taking the YUME X11 onto public transit because of its weight, but it should fit into most sedan trunks because of the compact design.

Is the YUME X11 comfortable for long rides?

The YUME X11 suspension is plush, that it feels like I’m cruising in a Cadillac.

The YUME X11 massive deck and suspension make for a comfortable ride. With the ability to adjust the stem to your preferred height, your arms won’t get tired over prolonged periods.

What type of suspension does the YUME X11 have?

When a mountain bike has a 29″ tire upfront and a 27.5″ tire in the rear, we call it a mullet bike. The YUME X11 has air suspension in the front and two coil suspensions in the rear. The different suspension makes the scooter sag in the back, making me want to call it the mullet scooter.

I have never encountered a rear lowriding escooter until I met the YUME X11. Look at the picture below and notice how the front of the scooter is higher than the rear of the escooter.

The YUME X11 still works fine, but some may not like the aesthetics or feel of an uneven scooter. Not only does it feel like I’m riding a Cadillac, it looks like I’m riding a lowrider Cadillac with the front on a hydraulic lift kit.

A few inches would make all the difference

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m speaking about the handlebar width on the YUME X11. I would have liked to see a wider handlebar on the YUME X11. Wide handlebars help make a scooter more stable.

With the ability to go up to 60 mph, more stability is always welcomed with open arms.

Air suspension is impressive if you can adjust it

I love that the YUME X11 escooter has air suspension in the front. However, the air suspension is impossible to fill up with the scooter assembled. The valve stem for the air suspension is tucked in between the control arms, so you can’t easily fill it.

To fill the air suspension, you have to unbolt the suspension and drop it out of the control arms. The air suspension can be adjusted, but I hate the extra step.

Who is the YUME X11 escooter perfect for?

The YUME X11 is the perfect budget high performance electric scooter that can be used as a commuter scooter to replace a car or as an on and off road fun machine.

The huge battery and massive deck allow you to ride comfortably for long distances. The offroad tires give you the ability to take it down a trail or you can still cruise on smooth pavement.

If you are on a budget and want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll definitely want to keep the YUME X11 as one of your options. The YUME X11 is the most affordable 11 inch scooter I know of being sold from a US warehouse.