Warranty & Returns

After-sales Problems & Solutions and Special Delivery Circumstances

1. Product Appearance Problems

The issue of scratched painted surfaces should be addressed immediately upon receipt of the package.

You might be considered for our free repair service depending on the severity of the scratch and if the issue is reported within seven days of receiving your order.


2. Product Damage Due to Human Factors

Product damage due to collision, unauthorized modification, water ingress, overload weight, commercial leasing, etc., are deemed to be caused by human factors and so are not covered by the warranty.


3. Unauthorized Disassembly and Modification

i. Disassembly or modifications of the products’ batteries, controllers, motors, etc., without due need, are prohibited.

ii. Special circumstances warranting the disassembly or modification of products require the manufacturer’s consent.

iii. Without the manufacturer’s consent before product disassembly or modification, the warranty becomes null and void.


4. Product Specification Updates

YUME products are upgraded continuously but not to worry; the main function remains the same.


1. Due to continuous product upgrades, customers will no longer be notified of parameter changes.

2. After upgrading the product, the customer will be deemed to have confirmed the product’s optimal usability 14 days after the product’s receipt.


5. Returning or Exchanging Products

a. We accept the return of new products within seven days of the initial delivery to you. And if the order is returned to us as a second-hand product, the corresponding damage fees will be deducted from your initial payment for the product.

b. Special circumstances: This applies for products returned after seven days of delivery or return due to human factor damage.


6. Product Testing and Product Cruising Range

During the product test, our 55kg-weight proud tester traveled on a coarse road at a constant speed and braked no less than three times to make the battery discharge uniformly and obtain the appropriate corresponding test parameters.

But due to different usage conditions such as weight load, riding habits, speed, road conditions, temperature, etc., it is normal for the cruising range to differ from our given range. To know the appropriate cruising range during the warranty period, please refer to the warranty table and description.


7. Understanding Product Quality Issues

Customers who encounter product quality problems first need to provide effective pictures and videos based on guidance from our customer support.

For product quality disputes, you’ll need to send the product back to us for testing then we’ll get back to you on our testing results or that of our third-party testing agency. Please note that you’ll bear the cost of the round-trip freight if the test results showcase non-quality problems.