Charger 54.6V 2A  Swift
Charger 54.6V 2A  Swift
Charger 54.6V 2A  Swift
Charger 54.6V 2A  Swift

Charger 54.6V 2A Swift

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The Smart Li-ion Battery Charger was specifically designed to enhance YUME electric scooters' charging capacity and their overall durability. The power adapter is especially suitable for YUME electric vehicles and battery packs but yes, it's also suitable for other brands' bikes, scooters, unicycles, battery packs, etc. It is compatible with about 99% of the lithium battery products on the market.

The Smart Li-ion battery charger's built-in safety functions include overload protection, upper and lower limit protection of working voltage, and short circuit protection. The power pack shell is made of high-quality plastic to provide the internal connections with the uttermost protection.

The Yume Li-ion battery charger has a power indicator that lets you know your battery's charging level at the time. It displays a red light when charging and a green light when fully charged. Also, the power pack automatically stops charging once the battery is fully charged.

The charger has an in-built fan that readily disperses any pile of dust that gets absorbed into it. Also, this in-built fan works with the charger's inner radiating fin to dissipate heat through the power pack shell. With this mechanism in place, your charger won't feel like a sauna when charging your battery. And due to this heat and dust dissipating system, your charger will definitely last much longer.

This Li-ion battery charger is not waterproof so it needs to be kept dry during use. If it gets wet accidentally, it is recommended that you air-dry it before using it.

Operational Instructions:
When about to begin charging, first connect the charger to the battery/vehicle before connecting the charger to the AC. And once your battery is fully charged, turn off the AC before pulling the battery plug; after that, you can now disconnect the charger from your battery. If you pull the battery plug first while the battery is still charging, especially when the charging current is still high, your battery and charger can easily get damaged.

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